10/15/2021 streaming & download


words and music by miu
arrange , mix and master by Huge M at studioHUGE
animation by ocome




When you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and give more than a passing thought to someone you love, perhaps you feel like listening to a song like this. miu’s second digital single “dive”, following “game” released in August, is a song that gently sways the listener’s heart. The lyric video of the song, streaming since May 2020, has over 880k views to date. You can tell how her music has quietly spread over time.

miu is a 21-year old singer-songwriter born in 2000 and grew up in Asahikawa, a city in northern Hokkaido. She took up the piano in elementary school and before she knew it, she started writing songs. By junior high school, she already started TwitCasting her own songs, and in her second year of high school, she was invited to an event in Tokyo and performed her first gig. She returned to Tokyo when she started college and kicked off her activities as an artist on full scale. The number of subscribers to her YouTube channel, launched early last year, is reaching 40,000 soon. She will certainly gain more supportive listeners with the release of this new song.

The new song, “smoke”, as the title explains, is in the motif of the smoke. When miu writes a song, she always sets up an elaborate background story. This time she was inspired by a friend who was a smoker. Maybe the friend is exhaling smoke instead of sighs…? When such a thought came across, a little story of “you” and “I” was born. Emotions indescribable in words are connected with the smoke and the aroma. If you have ever spent the night thinking of someone, you could relate to the worldview of this tune even if you are not a smoker. With miu’s “smoke”, enjoy yourself immersed in a little bit of bittersweet feeling.