7/1/2022 streaming & download


words MINMI
music MINMI, Nujabes

arrange, mix and master Huge M at studioHUGE

illustration by 和田竜汰






miu’s highly emotional voice swells over an oriental-sounding track. There might have never been a song that could draw new elements of magnetism from her voice. Her ninth digital single “Shiki no Uta” (meaning: “song of the four seasons”) feels so fresh that it makes you think like that. She is indeed striking a new chord.

“Shiki no Uta” is a cover. MINMI’s original version is from 2004; it was the closing theme of the anime “Samurai Champloo”. On this song, although known as a reggae and soca singer, MINMI joined forces with Nujabes, the gone-too-soon talented trackmaker, to create this unique tune that blended Japanese taste with hip-hop. Along with the popularity of the anime, the song enjoys high acclaim home and abroad, spawning many covers. miu boldly challenged this “deified” song and interpreted it in an approach a little different from MINMI’s powerful rendition.

The magnetism of miu’s version of “Shiki no Uta” is perhaps her distinctive, floating sensation she made sure to deliver. The timbre of the koto and the jazzy track takes on MINMI’s original version and it does not strongly override it. However, by weaving the melody with miu’s specialty crystal-clear voice, she breathed a new life into this classic. Especially the contrast between the rapid utterance of the lyrics and the belting of the chorus is even thrilling. On top of that, the magnetism of her voice, characterized by the distinctive flicker and comfort, does not waver at all. She maximizes her unique taste and turns this song almost like her own tune.

Born in 2000 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, singer/songwriter miu has not been one year into digitally releasing her songs. However, her YouTube channel, launched in April 2020, already has close to 50,000 subscribers; lyric videos to her iconic songs such as “dive” and “smoke” skyrocketed to one million views. The channel receives tremendous access from Asia and the rest of the world; despite modest exposure, the attention level to this songbird is only getting higher. The timely release the cover of “Shiki no Uta”, which itself is widely known overseas, is crucial. This release has the potential to catalyze her further breakthrough.

The song represents miu’s growth as an artist over this past year since her debut, maximizes the magnetism of her voice, and showcases the new attractive points of miu across borders. “Shiki no Uta” can be considered a song that may mark a significant turning point in her career.