9/17/2021 streaming & download


words and music by miu
arrange , mix and master by Huge M at studioHUGE
animation by ocome




「dive」は深い眠りに入っていくように、好きな人を思う気持ちの中へ潜り込んでいく感覚を描いたラブソングだ。サウンドクリエイターのHuge Mが手掛けた浮遊感に満ちたサウンドに乗せて、miuのまっすぐで少し切ない声が言葉を紡いでいく。チル、アンビエント、ローファイヒップホップなどその音楽性を説明するキーワードはいくつかあるが、確固たる音楽観に貫かれたポップソングであることに変わりはない。言葉の壁を超えて世界中からアクセスされている理由も納得だ。もしもあなたが切なく孤独な夜を過ごしているとしたなら、miuの「dive」がそっと寄り添ってくれるに違いない。

When you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and give more than a passing thought to someone you love, perhaps you feel like listening to a song like this. miu’s second digital single “dive”, following “game” released in August, is a song that gently sways the listener’s heart. The lyric video of the song, streaming since May 2020, has over 880k views to date. You can tell how her music has quietly spread over time.

miu is a singer-songwriter born in 2000 and grew up in Asahikawa, a city in northern Hokkaido. Although she was reluctant to take up the piano around the time she started elementary school, the experience came in handy in her early teens when she started writing songs and TwitCasting them. In her second year of high school, she was invited to an event in Tokyo where she performed her first gig, which triggered her to further delve into music. She went on to college and kicked off her activities as an artist in full scale. Her YouTube channel, launched early last year, has already over 38k subscribers, still growing slowly and steadily.

miu’s songwriting method is pretty unique. When she comes up with a hook phrase, she first creates minute details of the storyline of the entire song. And then she elaborately chooses the words and builds up the melody in line with the story. Thus listening to her songs is a visual experience as if watching a short film, giving you a feeling close to the one you get after reading a short story.
“dive” is a love song depicting the sensation of indulging deeply into the emotion of thinking of the one you love, just like falling deeply asleep. miu’s stretching, slightly wistful voice weaves the words over a floating sound created by Huge M. Chill, ambient, lo-fi hip-hop… you can think of some keywords to describe the song, but the truth remains that it is a pop song with a solid musical perspective running through it. No wonder her songs have overcome the language barrier and receive access from around the globe. If your night is bitter and lonely, Miu’s song will gently guide you through it.